A selection of RKM Studios’ directing projects, directed by Ryan K. McNeal. As a director, Ryan is passionate about telling stories that explore pain and loss, but are ultimately inspirational in the end. Ryan has directed several independent short films and music videos that can be currently seen on the film festival circuit in Los Angeles and beyond.

Jennifer Thomas - "The Fire Within"
J.ournal - "Mary Did You Know"
Two Steps From Hell feat. Uyanga Bold - "Dragon"
Short Film - "Desert Rose"
Snails & Wooli - "Snailephant"
J.ournal - "Make Room"
Equestria Girls Theme
Jennifer Thomas - "Carol of the Bells"
J.ournal - "Pride & Prejudice (My Privilege)"
J.ournal - "I Am Not Shaken"
Jennifer Thomas- "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"
J.ournal - "The Cleansing (The Car Wash One)"
J.ournal - "Little Drummer Boy"
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